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A global research university with an uncommon emphasis on undergraduate research and education, UC Santa Cruz is part of the world’s most celebrated system of public higher education, and stands among the most renowned institutions of higher learning.

Research news

From left to right: CCCR director Mike Beck; CCCR fellow Ando Rabearisoa; CCCR research fellow and ambassador at large for the Garifuna nation in Belize, Cynthia Ellis Topsey; and BIMS CEO Tiara Moore.

Incorporating perspectives from Black marine scientists

UC Santa Cruz’s Center for Coastal Climate Resilience and Black in Marine Science have partnered to meet shared aims to expand opportunities for Black scholars, particularly for understanding risks to coastal communities from climate change and identifying solutions that reduce these risks.

This infrared image from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope was taken by the Near-Infrared Camera for the JWST Advanced Deep Extragalactic Survey program. (Credit: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI, Brant Robertson (UC Santa Cruz), Ben Johnson (CfA), Sandro Tacchella (Cambridge), Phill Cargile (CfA))

Earliest, most distant galaxy discovered with James Webb Space Telescope

An international team of astronomers using NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope discovered the two earliest and most distant galaxies yet confirmed, dating back to only 300 million years after the Big Bang.

Image of a young person holding a phone, with thumbs-up "like" icons floating around it. A new paper describes how social media has supported an explosion of diversity in gender and sexuality in America by empowering authentic self-expression.

Explaining social media’s role in shifting social norms on gender and sexuality

A paper by UC Santa Cruz psychologists describes how social media has supported an explosion of diversity in gender and sexuality in America by empowering authentic self-expression. However, these technologies have also equally enabled a cultural backlash.

Real-world experience

Undergraduates have the unique opportunity to participate in world-class research, both creative and scientific, at UC Santa Cruz. Both undergrad and graduate students gain academic experience and career exploration as they engage in the pursuit of knowledge.

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Research with impact

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Research programs and units

The campus’s research activities range from small groups within academic departments to large units with connections outside UC Santa Cruz.

Research support

The Office of Research is dedicated to working collaboratively with the UC Santa Cruz community to advance research and demonstrate its impact.

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